Psalm 112                                                                                                    Sunday Evening 4


Happy the man who fears Yahweh, * who greatly delights in his commands.

Numerous in the land shall be his descendants; * the house of the upright shall be blessed.

    There is wealth and riches in his house, * and his generosity endures forever.

    For the upright, in the Darkness the Sun will dawn, * the Merciful and Compassionate and Just One!

        The good man is generous and kindly lends; * he conducts his affairs with justice.

        For never shall he stumble; * in eternal memory shall be the just man.

    Of an evil report he has no fear; * firm his heart, he trusts in Yahweh.

    Steadfast his heart, he does not fear; * always happy, he laughs at his adversaries.

He gives lavishly to the needy; * his generosity endures forever; * his head will be raised in glory.

The wicked looks with envy and is vexed; * grinds his teeth and laments; * the house of the wicked shall perish.


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