Psalm 111                                                                                                    Sunday Evening 3


I will give thanks to Yahweh * with all my heart, * in the council of the upright and the assembly.

    Great are the works of Yahweh, * to be pondered by all who enjoy them.

        Splendor and majesty are his work, * and his generosity endures forever.

        A memorial he made by his wonders, * the Compassionate and Merciful Yahweh.

           He gave nourishment to those who fear him; * he remembered his covenant of old.

           By his works he showed his people his power, * by giving them the patrimony of nations.

        The works of his hands are truth and justice, * trustworthy are all his precepts,

        supported by antiquity and permanence, * made of truth and rectitude.

    Ransom he sent to his people; * he imposed his covenant forever; * holy and awesome is his name.

The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Yahweh; * all who acquire it have understanding of the Good. * May his praise endure forever!


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