Psalm 110                                                                                                    Sunday Evening 1-4

Yahweh spoke to my lord:

“Take the throne at my right. * I have made your foes a seat, * a stool for your feet.”

    He forged your victorious mace; * he hammered it, Yahweh of Zion:

    your Might in fighting your foes, * your Strength on the day of your conquest.

    The Holy One appeared, your Comfort, * the Dawn of your life, * the Dew of your youth.

        Yahweh has sworn * and will not change his mind:

           “You are a priest of the Eternal * according to his pact,

        his rightful king, my lord, * as your right hand attests.”

    He smashed kings on the day of his wrath, * he routed nations.

    He piled up corpses * and smashed heads * over a wide terrain.

The King-Maker enthroned him; * the Supreme Being raised up his head.


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