Psalm 98                                                                                                    Wednesday Morning 3

Sing to Yahweh a song that is new, * because he has worked marvels.

His right hand brought him victory, * and his arm set him apart.

Yahweh made known his victory * before the eyes of the nations * he revealed his vindication.

    Remember his love and fidelity, * O house of Israel!

    All you ends of the earth, * see the victory of our God!

        Sing out to Yahweh all the earth; * burst into song and make joyful music.

        Make music to Yahweh with the lyre, * with the lyre and melodious voice.

        With trumpets and sound of horns * sing out before Yahweh, the King!

    Let the sea and what fills it thunder, * the world and all its inhabitants.

    Let the ocean currents clap their hands, * the mountains shout together for joy

before Yahweh * when he comes * to govern the earth.

He will govern the world with justice, * and the peoples with fairness.


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