Psalm 99                                                                                                    Thursday Morning 3

Yahweh reigns; * let the peoples tremble.

O Enthroned upon the Cherubim, * let the earth quake.

Yahweh is too great for Zion; * he is high above all the strong spirits.

    Let them praise your name, * O Great and Awesome One! * Holy is he!

    The strongest king, the lover of justice, * you yourself established fairness.

    Right and justice in Jacob * is what you yourself worked.

    Praise highly Yahweh our God; * prostrate at his footstool. * Holy is he!

    Moses and Aaron were among his priests, * and Samuel among those invoking his name, * invoking El Yahweh.

    He himself answered them * from the pillar of cloud * he spoke to them.

They observed his commands, * the law he gave them. * Yahweh our God, you yourself answered them.

For them you were God the Forgiver, * who cleansed them of their sins.

Praise highly Yahweh our God, * and prostrate at his holy mountain; * for holy is Yahweh our God.


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