Psalm 97                                                                                                    Wednesday Morning 2

Yahweh reigns; let the earth be glad, * the many islands rejoice.

    Clouds and storm billows surround him; * justice and right are the base of his throne.

A fire goes before him, * and flashes around his back.

    His lightning bolts light up the world; * the earth sees and trembles.

    The mountains melt like wax * at the sight of Yahweh, * at the sight of the master of all the earth.

        The heavens announce his just claim; * all the peoples see his glory.

        Let all who serve images be shamed, * those who boast of their rags; * bow down to him, all you gods!

    Let Zion hear and rejoice; * let the daughters of Judah be glad * because of your providence, Yahweh.

    For you are Yahweh Most High, * over all the earth Most Great; * you are high above all gods.

Yahweh loves those who hate evil, * protects the lives of his worshipers, * and will rescue them from the hand of the wicked.

    A blooming Field is destined for the just, * and happiness for upright hearts.

Rejoice, you just, in Yahweh, * and give thanks to his holy name.


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