Psalm 96                                                                                                    Monday Morning 3

Sing to Yahweh a song that is new; * sing to Yahweh, all the earth! * Sing to Yahweh; bless his name!

Proclaim from sea to sea his victory! * Declare among the nations his glory, * among all the peoples his marvels

    For great is Yahweh and worthy of all praise; * he is to be feared beyond all gods, * while all the nations’ gods are but rags.

    Yahweh himself made the heavens; * splendor and majesty are before him; * strength and beauty at his side.

        Give Yahweh, you clans of the peoples, * give Yahweh glory and praise; * give Yahweh the glory due his name.

        Bring an offering and enter his court; * bow down to Yahweh when the Holy One appears; * tremble before him, all the earth!

    Say among the nations, “Yahweh reigns; * surely the world stands firm, no more to totter; * he will judge the peoples with equity.”

    Let the heavens rejoice and earth be glad, * the sea and what fills it thunder, * the highland and everything on it exult.

Then all the forest trees will shout for joy * before Yahweh when he comes, * when he comes to govern the earth.

He will govern the world with his justice, * and the peoples with his truth.


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