Psalm 92                                                                                   Saturday Morning 2 & 4. Tuesday Morning 3

It is good to celebrate, Yahweh, * and to sing to your name, Most High,

to proclaim your love at daybreak, * and your fidelity in the night watches,

    because you made me happy, Yahweh, by your work; * at the works of your hands I sing for joy.

    How great are your works, * Yahweh the Great, * how deep are your thoughts.

        The stupid man is unaware; * the fool cannot grasp this:

           When the wicked sprouted like weeds, * and all the evildoers thrived,

               he destroyed them for all time. * But you, Yahweh, are the Exalted from eternity.

               For see how your enemies, Yahweh, * for see how your enemies have perished, * how all evildoers have been scattered!

           But you raised high my horn like a wild bull's; * I have been anointed with fresh oil.

        My eyes have looked down on my defamers, * on my evil assailants.

    My ears have heard: * “The just will flourish like the palm tree, * and grow like the cedar of Lebanon.

    Transplanted to the house of Yahweh, * they will flourish in the court of our God.

Still full of sap in old age, * they will remain fresh and green,

to proclaim how upright is Yahweh, * my Mountain in whom there is no wrong.”


Sat Morn 2: To Deut 32

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