Deut 32:1-12                                                                                                                  Saturday Morning 2

Listen, heavens, and I will speak; * let the earth hear the words on my lips.

May my teaching fall like the rain, * my speech descend like the dew,

like rain drops upon the grass, * like showers falling on young plants.

    For I shall praise the name of the Lord. * O give glory to this God of ours.

    The Rock—his deeds are perfect, * and all his ways are just,

    a faithful God, without deceit, * one who is right and honest.

       His non-sons were false to him, * degenerate, they are a perverse and crooked generation.

       Is this how your repay the Lord, * O senseless and foolish people?

       Is he not your Father who created you, * he who made you, on whom you depend?

           Remember the days of old, * consider the years that are past.

           Ask your father and he will inform you, * ask your elders and they will tell you.

       When the Most High gave the nations their heritage, * when he dispersed the human race,

       he drew boundaries for every people, * letting each one have its god.

       But he claimed Israel for himself; * he chose Jacob as his share.

    He found him in a desert land, * in a fearful and lonely place.

    He surrounded him and took care of him, * he guarded him as the pupil of his eye.

Like an eagle that watches its nest, * that hovers over its young,

so he spread his wings and took him, * he flew with him upon his wings.

Yahweh alone was his guide, * and no strange god was with him.


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