Psalm 91                                                                                                    Sunday Compline

Let the enthroned under the shelter of the Most High, * who passes the night in the shadow of Shaddai,

say: "Yahweh, my refuge and my castle, * my God in whom I trust!

    He alone will free you from the snare, * shield you against poisonous weapons.

    With his feathers he will cover you, * and under his wings you will find refuge; * his arm will be your guard and shield.

        You need not fear the dog packs at night, * the arrow that flies by day,

        the plague that prowls in the dark, * the epidemic that roams at noon.

    Though a thousand fall at your left, * ten thousand at your right hand, * it will not approach you.

    Your eyes will view their rot; * you will see how the wicked are dealt with.

    If you take Yahweh as your refuge, * the Most High as your stronghold,

    no evil will meet you, * no plague approach your tent.

        For he will send you his angels * to guard you in all your marches;

    on their hands they will bear you, * lest you hurt your foot on a stone.

    On lion and adder you will tread, * and trample the young lion and serpent.

If he clings to me, I will rescue him; * I will be his bulwark, if he acknowledges my Name.

If he cries to me, I will answer him; * I will be with him in time of trouble; * I will rescue him and feast him.

With length of days I will content him, * and make him drink deeply of my salvation.


Sun Compline: Simeon

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