Psalm 85                                                                                                    Tuesday Morning 3

Favor your land, Yahweh; * restore the fortunes of Jacob!

Forgive the guilt of your people; * remit all their sin!

Withdraw all your fury; * cool your blazing anger!

    Return to us, God of our prosperity; * banish from us your indignation!

    Will you forever be angry with us, * prolonging your anger to all generations?

        You are the Victor, * restore us to life, * that your people might rejoice in you.

        Show us, Yahweh, your kindness, * and give us your prosperity.

            Let me announce what God himself has spoken: * “Yahweh indeed has promised well-being

        to his people who worship him, * to those who confide in him again.

        His prosperity is very near those who fear him; * yes, his glory dwells in our land.

    Kindness and fidelity will meet; * justice and well-being embrace.

    Fidelity shall sprout from the earth, * and justice lean down from heaven.

With a crash will Yahweh give his rain, * and our land will give its produce.

Justice will march before him; * beauty will follow in his steps.”


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