Psalm 86                                                                                                    Wednesday Morning 3.  Monday Compline

Turn your ear, Yahweh, and answer me, * for I am afflicted and needy.

Protect my life, * for I am your worshiper.

    Save your own servant * who trusts in you, my God.

Have pity on me, my Lord; * to you I cry all day long.

Cheer the soul of your servant; * to you, my Lord, I lift up my soul.

    Since you, my Lord, are good and forgiving, * rich in mercy to all who invoke you,

        listen, Yahweh, to my prayer; * attend to my plea for mercy.

    When besieged I cry to you; * Oh that you would answer me!

        There is none like you among the gods, * my Lord, * nor achievement like yours.

            All the nations, * if you act * will come

            to prostrate before you, * my Lord, * and glorify your name.

        How great you are, * Worker of marvels, * you, God, alone.

    Yahweh, teach me your way, * that I may walk faithful to you alone; * teach my heart to revere your name.

        I will thank you, my Lord my God * with all my heart * I will glorify your name, O Eternal!

    Since your love is great, Most High, * you will rescue me from deepest Sheol.

God, arrogant men have risen against me, * and a council of ruthless men seek my life; * they do not consider you my Leader.

But you, Lord, God the Compassionate and Merciful, * slow to anger, rich in kindness and fidelity,

    turn to me and have pity on me, * grant your triumph to your servant; * give victory to your faithful son.

Work a miracle for me, O Goodness, * that my enemies might see and be disgraced.

Yahweh, you yourself * help me and console me!


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