Psalm 84                                                                                                    Monday Morning 3

How lovely is your dwelling, * Yahweh of Armies!

My soul longs and yearns aloud, * Yahweh, for your court! * My heart and flesh cry out.

    God, O living God, * even the sparrow has found a home,

        and the swallow acquired a nest * where she may put her young,

           Yahweh of Armies, * my King and my God!

        Happy are they who ever dwell in your house, * and near your altars sing your praise!

    Happy the man whose refuge is in you; * from his heart come praises of you!

        May God cause brooks to flow in the valley, * and turn it into a spring.

        With a crash may the Raingiver * cover it with pools!

           They proceed from village to village * to see the God of gods in Zion.

        Yahweh, God of Armies, * hear my prayer; * listen, God of Jacob!

        Look with favor on our sovereign, God; * look on the face of your anointed.

    How much better is one day in your court * than a thousand in the Grave,

        to stand in the doorway of your house, my God, * than to live in the Tent of the Wicked One.

        Truly our Sun and Master, * Yahweh God * bestows favors and honors.

    Yahweh will not withhold his rain * from those who walk with integrity.

Yahweh of Armies, * happy the man who trusts in you!


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