Psalm 65                                                                                                    Tuesday Morning 2

Praise to you in the heavenly castle, * O God, there in Zion.

    Vows will be paid to you, * because you hear prayers.

        To you must all flesh bring * its sinful deeds.

           Our acts of rebellion are too many to number; * forgive them!

           Happy the one you choose and bring near * to dwell in your court.

        May we be filled with the beauty of your house, * the holiness of your temple.

    At the judgment show us wondrous deeds,* our triumphant God!

        You pacified all the ends of the earth * and of the distant sea.

           You stabilized the mountains with your strength; * they are clothed with your might.

           You silenced the roaring of the seas, * the roaring of their waves, * and the turmoil of the peoples.

        Far-off peoples * were awed by your signs.

    Make the morning and evening stars * shout for joy!

        Visit the earth; * make it jump for joy; * make it fruitful with your rain.

           Fill the sky channel with water; * provide the land with grain, * for you created it for this.

               Its furrows flood; * soak its ridges.

               Soften it with copious showers; * bless its growth!

           Crown the highland with your rain, * and may your pastures drip oil.

        May the boundless fields drip oil; * wrap the hills with joy.

    May the valleys be dressed with flocks, * and the lowlands be mantled with wheat.

May they shout * and sing for joy.


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