Psalm 64                                                                                                    Saturday Midday 2

Hear my voice, God, when I complain; * from the hostile pack protect my life.

Shelter me from the council of the wicked, * from the gathering of evildoers,

    who sharpen their tongue like a sword, * aim their poisonous remark like an arrow

    to shoot from ambush at the innocent; * they shoot at him suddenly and fearlessly.

        They fortify for him venomous substance, * carefully conceal their snares,

            thinking, “Who looks down upon us? * Who can investigate our perfect crime?”

            But the Investigator will investigate * the innermost man, * even the depths of the heart.

        Exalted be the God of the Arrow! * Double be their wounds!

    The Most High will make slanderers stumble; * all the arrogant will be brought low.

    Every man will stand in awe * and proclaim the deed of God, * and ponder what he has done.

Let the just man rejoice in Yahweh, * and fly to him for refuge! * Let all the right-hearted glory!


End of Sat Midday 2

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