Psalm 66                                                                                                    Sunday Readings 4

Cry out to God with joy, all the earth! * Sing his glorious name;

proclaim his glorious praise! * Say: “God, how terrifying you are by your deeds!

    So great is your strength, * that your enemies cringe before you.

    All the earth worships you, * and sings to you—sings your name!”

        Come and see the works of God, * who terrifies men by his acts.

        He turned the sea into dry land; * they passed through the river dry-shod. * Come, let us rejoice in him!

        He rules from his eternal fortress; * his eyes keep watch on the nations, * lest the rebels rise up against him.

    Peoples, bless our God; * with full voice proclaim his praise!

    who placed us among the living, * and did not put our foot in the Swamp.

        But you tested us, God; * you refined us as silver is refined;

        You brought us into the wilderness, * put ulcers on our thighs.

        You made sickness ride on our head; * we went through fire and water, * after you deprived us of prosperity.

    I shall enter your house with my burnt offerings, * and pay you my vows,

    which my lips pronounced * and in my distress my mouth expressed.

    I shall offer you fat animals for burning, * along with the smoke of burning rams; * I shall prepare an ox and goats.

        Come, listen, all you who revere God, * while I tell what he has done for me.

        To him I cried with my mouth, * and sounds of music were on my tongue.

    Had I been conscious of guilt in my heart, * my Lord would not have heard me.

    But God did hear me; * he attended to my voice in prayer.

Blessed be God! * because he did not dismiss my prayer; * his kindness I will retell a hundred times.


End of Sun Readings 4

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