Psalm 59                                                                                                    Friday Midday 2

Rescue me, God, from my enemies; * against my attackers be my bulwark.

Rescue me from evildoers; * and from men of idols save me.

    For see how they lurk for my life, * how powerful men conspire against me.

    For no guilt of mine, * for no sin of mine, Yahweh,

    for no misdeed of mine * they charge and take positions.

Wake up to join me, * and see for yourself,

Yahweh, God of Armies, * God of Israel!

Awake to punish all the nations, * show no mercy to wicked traitors.

        They wait till evening, * then growling like dogs * they prowl the city.

        See how from their mouths, they spit * swords, from their lips. * “For who will hear us?”

           But, Yahweh, you will laugh at them, * making sport of all the nations.

               My God is a fortress; * truly I am protected.

               God himself is my bulwark; * a rampart is my God.

               God will go before me, * and let me laugh at my enemies.

                   O El, do kill them, * lest my people falter.

                   Throw them out of your stronghold, * and bring them down, * our Master, Lord.

               By the sin of their mouth * and the gossip of their lips * let them be caught.

               For their presumption, curses and lies * let them be written off.

               Exterminate them in your rage, * exterminate and wipe them out,

           that they may know that God * rules from Jacob * to the ends of the earth.

        They wait till evening, * then growling like dogs * they prowl the city.

        Growling they roam for prey, * if not satisfied, they carry on.

I will sing your strength, * sing loud each morning of your firmness,

    because you have been my bulwark, * my refuge when besieged.

    My God is my fortress; * truly I am safeguarded;

God himself is my bulwark; * my rampart is my God.


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