Psalm 60                                                                                                    Friday Midday 2

God, you were angry and ran from us. * You were annoyed and turned away from us.

    You shook the land, and it shattered. * Weak from its fractures, * much did it totter.

        You made your people drain the cup; * you made us drink a wine that dazed us.

           Give those who fear you a banner * where they can rally against the bowmen.

           For the deliverance of your dear ones, * with your right hand give us victory and triumph.

               God spoke from his sanctuary: * “Exultant, I will divide up Shechem * and the Valley of Succoth measure off.

               Gilead is mine, and Manasseh is mine; * Ephraim is my helmet, * Judah my commander's staff.

               Moab is my washbasin; * upon Edom will I set my sandal; * over Philistia will be my cry of conquest.”

           Who will bring me the Rock City? * Who will offer me Edom's throne?

        But you, God, will you be angry with us, * and go forth, God, no more with our armies?

    Grant us liberation from the adversary, * since the aid of man is futile.

With God we will be victorious; * he himself will trample our adversaries.


End of Fri Midday 2

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