Psalm 58                                                                                                    Not used

Counselors, leaders, pronounce just verdicts, * govern men with justice.

But no, you act with a malicious heart, * you lawlessly juggle decisions as you please.

    The wicked are hateful from the womb, * from birth liars are wayward.

    Their venom is like that of a serpent, * they are like an adder that stops its ear,

    that will not hear the voice of charmers, * or of skilled enchanters.

        God, rip their teeth from their mouths, * knock out the fangs of the young lions, Yahweh.

        Let them flow off like fast running water, * let him shoot his arrows without vigor.

    Like someone wasted by AIDS, may he pass on. * Like a woman’s miscarriage, may they not see the sun.

    Before their thorns grow sharp (?), * with blazing fury, sweep them away.

The just man will rejoice when he sees his victory, * he will wash from his feet the blood of the wicked.

And people will say: “To be just is worthwhile. * Yes there is a God who governs the earth.”


Not used

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