Psalm 52                                                                                                    Wednesday Readings 2

Why brag of wickedness, strong man? * El's worshiper, why all day concoct harm?

    Your tongue is like a sharpened razor, * artist of deceit!

    You prize evil over good, * lying over telling the truth.

    You love all the speech * of your destructive deceitful tongue!

        With a crash may El demolish you, * forever unchild you!

        May he pluck you from your tent, * and snatch live your sons from the earth!<

           The just will look on in dread, * but then will laugh at him:

        “So this is the man who would not * make God his refuge,

        but trusted in the greatness of his wealth, * and relied on his wickedness.”

    I, for my part, like an olive tree * flourishing in the house of God,

    trust in the love * of the eternal and everlasting God.

I praise you, the Eternal, * because you acted,

and I will proclaim your Name, * so good to your worshipers!


End of Wed Readings 2

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