Psalm 53                                                                                                    Tuesday Midday 2

The fool thinks in his heart, * “God is not present.”

They are corrupt and do terrible things; * no one does good.

    God looks down from heaven * on all mankind,

    to see if any are wise, * if any seek God.

        But they all have turned bad, * and are equally bad.

        No one does good, * not a single one.

        Don't all evildoers know * that those who rob his people

        are eating the grain of God, * which they did not harvest.

    See how they marshaled their troops, * but the siege did not last,

    because God scattered wide * your besiegers' bones.

    You were dismayed * till God gathered them in death.

From Zion who will bring * salvation to Israel?

When God restores * his people's fortune,

let Jacob rejoice * and Israel be glad.


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