Psalm 51                                                                                                    Friday Morning 1-4

Be merciful to me, God, * because of your kindness.

Because of your great mercy, * wipe out my crimes.

Rain down to wash me of my guilt * and cleanse me of my sins.

    The crimes that accuse me I know; * my sin is ever before me.

    Against you alone have I sinned; * and before your eyes committed the crime.

        So you are right when you sentence, * and blameless when you judge.

    Yes, I was born with guilt; * my mother conceived me in sin.

    Yes, truth you prefer * to occult and crafty know-how; * teach me wisdom!

        Unsin me, and I'll be purer than spring water; * wash me and I'll be whiter than snow.

           Let me hear rejoicing and gladness; * let the bones you crushed revive.

               Turn your face from my sins, * and delete all my crimes.

                   Create a clean heart in me, God, * put a new and loyal spirit in me.

               Do not banish me from your presence, * nor deprive me of your holy Spirit.

           Give me again your saving joy, * and by your generous spirit sustain me,

        that I may teach rebels your ways, * and sinners to return to you.

    Deliver me from the tears of death, * God, my God;

    then, my Savior, will my tongue * sing loudly of your goodness.

        Lord, open my lips, * that my mouth may declare your praise.

    Should you delight in a sacrifice * I would offer it; * the same should you desire a holocaust.

    The finest sacrifice is a contrite spirit; * a crushed and contrite heart * God, do not reject.

In your goodness beautify Zion; * Rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Then you will accept proper sacrifices, * offerings wholly burnt; * then young bulls will mount your altar.


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