Psalm 48                                                                                                    Thursday Morning 1

Yahweh is great * and must be highly praised.

In the city of our God * is his holy mountain.

    The most beautiful peak, * the joy of all the earth,

    Zion is the true capital, * the city of the Great King.

    God is its fortress, * its proven stronghold.

        For the kings assembled; * together they attacked.

        When they saw it they were so amazed * that they panicked and turned to flee.

           Panic seized them, * yes, anguish like childbirth,

           as when the ships of Tarshish * are shattered by the east wind.

               As we have heard, * so we have seen

                   in the city of Yahweh of Armies, * in the city of our God.

               God will make it secure * forever and ever.

           In the midst of your temple, God, * we have recalled your kindness.

           Like your heavens, God, * so your praise reaches the ends of the earth.

        Your right hand is so generous; * let Mount Zion rejoice,

        the villages of Judah be glad, * because of all you did for them.

    Walk all around Mount Zion, * count its towers;

    take note of its wall * and examine its defences,

that you may tell the next generation: * “This belongs to God.”

Our eternal and everlasting God: * he will guide us forever.


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