Psalm 47                                                                                                    Wednesday Morning 1

All you strong spirits, clap your hands; * sing, divinities, with shouts of joy.

    Yahweh Most High is to be feared, * the Great King over all the world.

        He subjected peoples to us, * put nations under our feet.

        He chose our kingdom for himself, * the proud land of Jacob whom he loves.

            God has gone up with shouts of joy, * Yahweh to the sound of trumpet.

        Sing praises, you gods, sing praises; * sing praises to our King, sing praises.

        For he is king over all the earth; * O gods, sing a skillful song.

    God is king over the nations; * he sits on his sacred throne. * Rulers of peoples, gather round.

The God of Abraham is the Strong One, * God is the Master of the earth, * deserving highest praise.


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