Psalm 49                                                                                                    Tuesday Evening 2

                Hear this, all peoples; * listen, all inhabitants of the world,

                of low or high class, * rich and poor alike.

                My mouth shall speak wisdom, * and my throat proclaim insight.

                I will incline my ear to a proverb, * will breathe out my riddle on the lyre.

Why should I fear the evil days, * or the malice of slanderers who surround me,

who trust in their wealth, * and of their ample riches boast?

    Brother! a man can never redeem himself, * or pay God his ransom.

    The House Below will be his soul's redemption, * and he will be gone forever,

        when he could have lived jubilant forever, * and never have seen the Pit.

    If God looks at the wise, they die; * if he gazes upon fools,

    they straightway perish, * and leave to others their wealth.

While they are in their eternal home, * their dwelling for all generations,

their heirs on earth * invoke their names.

For in the House Below man will sleep indeed, * and become like the beasts that cease to be.

    This is the destiny of those who had wealth, * and the final end of those who indulged their taste.

    Like sheep they will be put in Sheol; * Death will be their shepherd.

    They will go down its throat like a calf, * their limbs devoured by Sheol, * consumed by the Devourer.

        But God will ransom me; * from the hand of Sheol he will surely snatch me.

    Do not be envious when a man grows rich, * when the wealth of his house increases,

    for when he dies he will not take a thing; * his wealth will not descend with him, * though he worshiped his appetite while he lived.

    Though they praise you when you prosper, * you will enter the circle of your fathers, * who will never more see the light.

In the House Below man will sense not a thing, * and become like beasts that cease to be.


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