Psalm 39                                                                                                    Wednesday Readings 2

I said, “I will watch my steps, * lest I stumble with my tongue.

I will keep a muzzle on my mouth, * while the wicked man is laughing at me.”

I was muzzled to total silence; * I refrained from speaking, * while my anguish mounted.

    My heart burned within me; * at the thought, a fire flared up.

I spoke with my tongue: * “Yahweh, teach me my destiny,

and what is my span of days, * that I may know how frail I am.”

Look, you have measured my days by a few handbreadths; * my lifetime is like nothing before you.

    Sadly, everyone is but vapor, * everyone just a mask.

    Sadly, like a phantom does man go about; * sadly, he gets excited for nothing.

    He piles up wealth * not knowing who will gather it.

        And now, Lord, what shall I cry? * My hope is in you.

        From all my rebelliousness deliver me; * make me not the taunt of a fool.

    I was muzzled, didn't open my mouth; * oh that you would act!

    Take away from me your blow; * by the club in your hand I am knocked out.

    With rebukes for his guilt you punish a man, * and you consume his body like a moth; * too bad, everyone is but vapor.

Hear my prayer, Yahweh; * El, listen to my cry.

    Don't be deaf to my tears, * for I am a guest in your house, * a visitor like all my ancestors.

Stop glaring at me that I may be glad, * before I depart and am no more.


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