Psalm 40                                                                                                    Monday Midday 2

I called and called to Yahweh; * he stooped to me and heard my cry.

    He pulled me out of the Pit of Destruction, * out of the Muddy Swamp.

        He set my feet on a rock, * making my legs secure.

    He put in my mouth a new song, * a hymn of praise to our God.

Many will see and be awed, * and so will trust in Yahweh.

    Happy the man * who makes Yahweh his trust,

    who turns not to frightful deities * or to fraudulent images.

        Yahweh, great things have you done; * my God, wondrous miracles have you worked.

        Your thoughts are always on us; * you have no equal.

        Were I to declare and tell them, * they would be too many to count.

           You had no interest * in sacrifice or offering; * so you made my ear receptive.

           Burnt offering and sin offering * you did not request;

               then I promised: * “Look, I come;

               in the written scroll * it is stated as my duty.

               To perform your will * is my concern, my God. * Your law is within my heart.”

           I announced the glad news of your deliverance, * in the great assembly.

           No, I did not restrain my lips; * Yahweh, you yourself know.

        Your kindness I did not conceal * inside my heart.

        Your fidelity and saving action * I announced.

        I did not hide your kindness * nor your fidelity from the great assembly.

    You, Yahweh, did not withhold * your love from me.

    Your kindness and fidelity * have always protected me.

But troubles have surrounded me, * too many to be counted.

My sins have caught up with me, * and I am unable to escape.

    They are more than the hairs of my head, * and my heart forsakes me.

    Run, Yahweh, to rescue me; * Yahweh, hurry to help me.

        Let all be shamed and disgraced * who seek to take my life,

        sent back with dishonor * who wish me evil,

        be dismayed for their shameful slander, * who ha-ha me with scorn.

    May they rejoice and be glad in you * all who seek you.

    May they ever repeat: * “Great is Yahweh!” * all who love your salvation.

Though I am afflicted and poor, * the Lord will think of me.

My helper and my deliverer are you; * my God, do not delay.


End of Mon Midday 2

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