Psalm 36                                                                                                    Wednesday Morning 1

Sin inspires the wicked man deep in his heart; * he has no idea of the fear of God.

    But his God will destroy him by a look, * having discovered his blasphemy.

    His speech is full of wicked lies; * he is too crude to think or do good.

He thinks up mischief as he lies on bed, * embarks on a course of crime, * and shrinks from no evil.

    Your kindness, Yahweh, is from heaven; * your faithfulness reaches the clouds.

    Your goodness towers like the mountains; * your providence is as deep as the ocean.

        You make men and animals thrive. * Yahweh, how precious is your kindness.

    Gods and men find refuge * in the shadow of your wings.

    They feast on the good food of your house; * you serve them drink from the river of your goodness.

With you is the fountain of life; * in your Garden we shall see the light.

    Continue to love those who know you, * and to do good to the upright of heart.

    Let the leg of proud men not overtake me, * nor the arm of the wicked fling me down.

See how evildoers fall, * knocked down, unable to rise.


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