Psalm 35                                                                                                    Friday Readings 1

Attack, Yahweh, those who attack me; * combat those who combat me.

    Grip your shield and guard, * and rise to my battle.

    Ready your spear and javelin * to confront my pursuers.

    Say to my soul, * “I am your victory.”

        Let them be humbled and disgraced * who seek my life.

        Let them be turned back in shame * who plan my defeat.

           Let them be like chaff before the wind, * with the angel of Yahweh driving them.

           Let their destiny be Darkness and Destruction * with the angel of Yahweh pursuing them.

        For they secretly hid a pit for me; * with their net they stalked my life.

        Let the Pit catch him off guard, * and the net he hid trap him; * into the pit let him fall.

    But my soul shall rejoice in Yahweh, * and exult in his victory.

    All my bones shall say, * “Yahweh, who is like you?

    You rescue the weak from one too strong for him, * the helpless poor from the robber.”

        Malicious witnesses testify against me; * those I don't know interrogate me.

        They repay me evil for good, * ravaging my soul.

           But as for me—when they played the pipe, * my garment was sackcloth.

               I restrained myself through fasting, * while my prayer rested on my chest, * like a friend, like a brother to me.

                   I went about like one grieving his mother; * I was bent over in mourning.

                   When I stumbled they gathered with glee; * boxers gathered around me,

               and those I did not know tore me to pieces, * and would not stop slandering me.

           The mockers around me * ground their teeth at me.

        How long, Lord, will you idly watch? * Rescue my life from their pits, * my face from the young lions.

        I will thank you in the great assembly; * in the mighty throng I will praise you.

    Let not my treacherous foes rejoice over me, * my stealthy enemies who wink their eye.

    For they do not speak of peace, * but attack the oppressed in the land.

        They conceive treacherous plans * and open wide their mouth against me,

        saying, “Aha, Aha! * Our own eye has seen him.”

           Look, Yahweh, be not silent; * Lord, be not far from me.

               Rouse yourself and awake to my defense, * my God and my Lord, to my combat.

               Defend me in your justice, Yahweh; * my God, let them not laugh at me

           or boast in their heart, * “Ha, we have him in our mouth,” * or boast “We have swallowed him.”

        Let all be shamed and disgraced * who rejoice at my misfortune.

        Let them be clothed with shame and infamy * who spin stories about me.

    May they shout for joy and be glad, * who desire my vindication;

    and may they ever say, * “Yahweh is great, * who desires the well-being of his servant.”

Then my tongue will proclaim your justice, * all the day long your praise.


End of Fri Readings 1

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