Psalm 37                                                                                                    Tuesday Readings 2

Do not fret over evildoers, * nor seethe over those who do wrong.

For like grass soon they will wither, * and like green herbs fade away.

    Trust in Yahweh and do good; * settle in the land and feed on its riches.

    Take your delight in Yahweh, * and he will grant you your heart's request.

        Commit to Yahweh your destiny; * trust in him and he will act,

        and make your justice shine like the sun, * your cause like the noonday.

        Wait for Yahweh * and hope in him.

        Do not be disturbed at a man who gets rich, * and succeeds in his evil plans.

    Give up anger, abandon rage; * don't get frantic; it only brings harm.

    For evildoers shall be cut down, * while those who call on Yahweh * will surely inherit the land.

Very soon the wicked man will vanish; * if you search his house he will not be there.

But the have-nots shall inherit the land, * and shall enjoy abundant prosperity.

    The wicked schemes against the upright, * and grinds his teeth at him.

    The Lord laughs at him, * for he sees that his day is coming.

        The wicked draw their sword * and bend their bows

        to bring down the helpless poor, * to slaughter those who walk in the straight path.

        Their sword shall enter their own heart, * and their bows shall be broken.

           Better the poverty of the just * than the wealth of the wicked rich.

           For the arsenal of the wicked shall be shattered, * but Yahweh will support the just.

        Yahweh looks after the possessions of the honest, * and their estate will last forever.

        They will not wither in time of drought, * and in time of famine will have plenty.

    But the wicked shall shrivel, * and Yahweh's enemies be consumed

    like burning fields; * faster than smoke shall they vanish.

    The wicked man borrows but never repays, * but the just man is open-hearted in giving.

    For those blessed by him shall inherit the land, * but those cursed by him shall be cut down.

        A man's steps are made steady by Yahweh, * who makes sure his stride.

        Should he charge, he will not be thrown down, * for Yahweh holds fast his hand.

           I have been young and now am grown old, * but I have never seen a just man forsaken, * or his children begging bread.

           He is always open-hearted in lending, * and his children are destined for blessing.

        Turn from evil and do good, * that you may abide forever.

        For Yahweh loves the just man, * and never deserts his worshipers.

    Evildoers will be destroyed, * and the children of the wicked cut down.

    But the just will inherit the land * and dwell upon it forever.

The mouth of the just talks wisdom, * and his tongue speaks what is right.

The law of God is in his heart, * and his feet never slip.

    When the wicked man tracks the just, * seeking to slay him,

    Yahweh will not put him into his hand, * nor have him found guilty when he is tried.

        Wait for Yahweh * and keep to his way,

        for he will raise you up to possess the land; * when the wicked are cut down you will exult.

        I have seen a wicked man thriving, * and flourishing like a robust old tree.

        But he went and could be seen no more; * I sought him but he could not be found.

    Follow angel Honest and watch angel Upright, * for there is a future for the man of integrity.

    But the perverse shall be wholly destroyed, * and the future of the wicked cut off.

The safety of the just will be from Yahweh, * their stronghold in time of siege.

Yahweh will save them and rescue them, * he will rescue them from the wicked,

and he will give them safety, * because they seek refuge in him.


End of Tues Readings 2

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