Psalm 20                                                                                                    Tuesday Evening 1

Yahweh grant your triumph in time of siege; * the name of Jacob's God be your bulwark.

    May he send you help from his temple, * and give you aid from Zion.

        May he be mindful of all your gifts, * and regard the fat of your holocausts.

        May he give you what you desire, * and make all your plans succeed.

           Then we will shout for joy over your victory * and in the name of our God wave banners. * May Yahweh fulfill your every wish.

               Now I know * that Yahweh gives his anointed victory,

           grants him triumph from his sacred heaven, * from his fortress grants victory with his right hand.

    Some have chariots, * and others horses,

        but we are strong * through the name of our God.

    They stumble and fall, * but we rise and stand firm.

Yahweh gave victory to the king, * gave him triumph when we called.


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