Psalm 19

            The heavens declare the glory of God; * the sky reveals the work of his hands.

Each day passes the word to the next; * each night discloses knowledge to the next,

    without any speech or words, * without their voice being heard

        Through all the earth their call went forth, * and their words to the edge of the world.

        He made a tent for the sun; * so like a groom it comes out of its chamber,

    rejoicing like a warrior * to run its course.

It starts at the edge of the heavens, * and returns to that edge, * never missing its tent.

The law of Yahweh is perfect; * refreshing my soul.

The decree of Yahweh is reliable * bringing wisdom to my mind.

    The precepts of Yahweh are right, * rejoicing my heart.

    The command of Yahweh is bright, * enlightening my eyes.

        The edict of Yahweh is pure, * enduring forever.

        The judgments of Yahweh are truth, * all of them just:

        They are more desirable than gold, * no matter how much,

        sweeter than honey, * than combs dripping over.

    They enlighten me, your servant; * obeying them brings great reward.

    Who can discover errors? * keep me from going astray.

Keep me also from so-called gods; * don't let them rule over me.

Then I shall be perfect * and free from the terrible crime.

    May my mouth say what you desire, * and my heart go after what you want, * O Yahweh, my Mountain and my Redeemer.


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