Psalm 21                                                                                                    Tuesday Evening 1

Yahweh, the king is glad * because you gave him victory;

he is full of joy * because you made him victorious.

    You gave him his heart's desire; * you did not refuse the request he made.

    You brought him wonderful blessings, * and set a gold crown on his head.

        He asked for eternal life, * and you gave it to him:

        unending days, * everlasting life.

        Great is his glory for the victory you won; * you have given him fame and majesty.

           Your blessings are upon him forever; * you will give him the pleasure of seeing your face.

           The king trusts in Yahweh, * and will not defect from the Most High's love.

           Your left hand caught all your foes; * your right hand caught those who hate you.

           You put them in a blazing furnace * at the time of your fury, Yahweh.

        In his wrath he swallowed them up, * and ate them up with fire.

        You swept their descendants from the earth * and their children from the human race.

    For they plotted a rebellion against you, * they schemed evil, but could not succeed.

    You made them crouch, * while you aimed your bows at them.

Yahweh, celebrate your triumph. * We will sing and praise your power.


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