Psalm 4                                                                                                    Saturday Compline

When I call, answer me, * God of my vindication;

in a jam, clear my way; * have pity on me and hear my prayer.

    Men of rank, how long * must my Glorious One be insulted?

        How long will you worship superstition * or consult false gods.

    Know that Yahweh will work wonders for his worshiper, * that Yahweh will hear me when I call to him.

        Be disquieted, but do not sin; * examine your hearts; * go to bed and weep.

        Offer legitimate sacrifices * and trust in Yahweh.

    Many keep saying, * “Who will show us rain?

        the light of your face * has fled from us, Yahweh.”

    Put happiness in my heart; * now let their wheat and their wine increase.

In his peaceful presence, * I shall lie down and sleep,

for you alone, Yahweh, * make my repose secure.


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