Psalm 3                                                                                                    Sunday Readings 1

Yahweh, how many my adversaries! * How many rise against me!

    How many eye my life! * “No salvation for him from God.”

    But you, Yahweh, are my Master as long as I live, * my Glorious One who lifts up my head.

        If I cry out to Yahweh, * he answers from his holy mountain.

           If I lie down to sleep, * I shall wake up, * for Yahweh sustains me.

        I do not fear the arrows of people * stationed on every side, Most High.

    Rise up, Yahweh, * save me, my God!

    May you yourself strike * all my enemies on the jaw! * Smash the teeth of the wicked!

O Yahweh, salvation! * Upon your people your blessing!


End of Sunday Rd. 1

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