Psalm 5                                                                                                    Monday Morning 1

Yahweh, hear my words; * attend to what I say.

    Listen to my cry, * my King and my God, * for I pray to you, Yahweh.

    At daybreak hear my voice; * at daybreak I present my case; * I watch for you.

        A no-god delights in evil, * but you receive no evil guest;

        let no boasters * stand before you.

           I hate all evildoers: * so destroy all liars!

           An idol and fetish man * Yahweh detests.

               But through your great love * I will enter your house.

                   I will bow down towards your holy temple * with those who fear you, Yahweh.

               Lead me to Paradise * away from my rivals; * make your way smooth for me.

           In their mouth there's nothing to be trusted; * their belly is a bottomless pit.

           Their throat gulps like an open grave; * they kill with their tongues.

        Make them perish, God; * their scheming bring them down.

        For their many crimes * knock them down, * since they have challenged you.

    Let all who run to you rejoice * and always sing for joy.

    You give them shelter, * that they may rejoice in you * who love your name.

For you bless the righteous, Yahweh; * your favor protects them like a shield.


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