Psalm 2                                                                                                    Sunday Readings 1

Why do the nations throng, * and the peoples number their troops?

    Why do kings of the earth take their stand, * and the princes make common cause

        against Yahweh * and against his anointed?

    “Let us snap their bonds, * and throw off their yoke.”

        The Enthroned laughs down from heaven; * the Lord makes fun of them.

        He drives away their lieutenants in his anger, * and in his fury terrifies them.

           But I have been anointed his king * on Zion his holy mountain.

               Let me recite the decree of Yahweh; * he said to me:

           “You are my son; * this day I have given you birth.

        Ask me for wealth and I will give it; * the nations will be yours, * your domain the ends of the earth.

        You will break them with a iron rod, * shatter them like a pot of clay.”

    And now, kings, watch out; * take warning, you rulers of the earth.

        Serve Yahweh with reverence, * and live in trembling, mortal men!

    lest he grow angry and your assembly perish, * for his anger flares up quickly.

Happy are all * who trust in him.


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