Tobit 13:1-8                                                                                                                  Tuesday Morning 1

Blest be God who lives forever. * and blest be his kingdom.

He punishes, he also has mercy, * he leads men to the depths of Sheol.

He restores them from the great destruction; * no one can escape his hand.

    Proclaim him, Israel's sons, amid the nations, * for though he has scattered you among them, * there he has shown you his greatness.

    Praise him in the presence of all the living, * for he is our Lord and our God * our Father and God forever.

       He punished you because of our sins, * but he will again have mercy on you all;

       he will gather you from all the nations, * from those among whom you were scattered.

           If you turn to him with all your heart, * to do what is right before him,

           then he will turn to you; * he will hide his face no longer.

           Now think what he has done for you, * give thanks to him with all your voice.

           Give praise to the Lord for his justice, * and exalt the King of all ages.

       In this land of exile I will thank him, * and show forth his greatness and might * to the race of sinful men.

    Sinners, come back to him, * do what is right before him.

    Who knows but he will be gracious * and receive you with pity?

I will sing to my God * and rejoice in the King of heaven.

Let all men speak of his greatness, * and sing his praises in Jerusalem.


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