Judith 16:1-2, 15-16                                                                                             Wednesday Morning 1

Praise my God with tambourines, * sing to my Lord with cymbals.

Sing to him a new song, * call on his name with praise.

    For the God who stamps out wars, * he is the Lord.

    I will sing a new song to my God. * Lord, you are great and glorious, * undefeatable and marvelous in might.

       May your every creature serve you; * for you spoke and they all were made.

       You exhaled and they were formed; * no one can resist your voice.

    Should mountains topple and fall in the waves, * should rocks melt like wax from your look,

    yet to those who fear you * you would still show kindness.

A sweet-smelling sacrifice is worth next to nothing, * still less the fat burned for you in offering.

But whoever fears the Lord * is great forever.


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