Psalm 105                                                                                                    Saturday Readings 1, Seasonal


Give thanks to Yahweh, invoke his name; * make his deeds known among the peoples!

Sing to him, chant to him; * compose songs about all his wonders!

Glory in his holy name; * seekers of Yahweh, let your heart rejoice!

Search for Yahweh and his strength; * seek his perpetual presence.

Recall the wonders he worked, * his prodigies and the enactments from his mouth,

you offspring of Abraham his servant, * you sons of Jacob, his chosen one!

    For he is Yahweh our God; * over all the earth is his authority.

    He remembers ever his covenant, * the pact he imposed for a thousand generations,

    which he made with Abraham, * and was sworn by him to Isaac,

        since he confirmed it as a statute for Jacob, * for Israel as an eternal covenant,

        saying, “To you I will give the land; * Canaan will be your highland possession.”

    When they were few in number, * a mere handful and strangers there,

    wandering from nation to nation, * from one kingdom and people to another,

he let no man oppress them, * and on their behalf reprimanded kings.

“Don't touch my anointed, * and to my prophets do no harm!”

    Then he called down famine on the land; * he broke every stalk of grain.

        He sent a man before them, * Joseph, sold as a slave.

        They pressed his feet with shackles, * and his neck passed through irons,

           till the moment his word came to Pharaoh, * who verified the promise of Yahweh.

           Yahweh sent the king to release him, * the ruler of peoples to set him free,

               and make him master of his palace, * the ruler of all his possessions,

               to instruct his princes personally, * and teach his elders wisdom.

                   Then Israel came to Egypt; * Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.

                   His Greatness made his people prolific, * too numerous for its adversaries.

                   He turned their heart to hate his people, * to act deceitfully with his servants.

                       He sent Moses his servant, * and Aaron whom he had chosen.

                       They worked his miracles in the wilderness, * and his prodigies in the land of Ham.

                   He sent darkness and it darkened, * so that they could not see his actions.

                   He changed their waters to blood, * and caused their fish to die.

               He made frogs swarm in their land, * in the chambers of their king.

               He spoke and brought flies, * gnats within all their country.

           He gave them hail for rain; * he produced lightning in their land.

           He blighted their vines and their fig trees, * and shattered their hillside trees.

        He spoke and brought the locust, * grasshoppers beyond all counting,

        which devoured every plant in their land, * devoured the fruit of their soil.

    He struck every firstborn in their land, * the first fruit of all their vigor.

Then he brought them out with silver and gold, * and throughout his tribes no one stumbled.

Egypt rejoiced at their going, * for dread of them had fallen on them.

    He spread a cloud as a covering, * and fire to light up the night.

        They asked and he brought them quails; * with the wheat of heaven he contented them.

           He opened the rock and water gushed forth; * it flowed like a river through the arid land.

        For he remembered his sacred pact * with Abraham his servant.

    So he led forth his people with songs of joy, * his chosen ones with singing.

Then he gave to them the lands of nations; * the wealth of peoples they seized,

so long as they keep his statutes, * and his laws observe.



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