Psalm 104                                                                                                    Sunday Readings 2

                                                      Bless Yahweh, my soul!

Yahweh, my God, you are very great; * with splendor and majesty you are clothed!

    He is robed with the sun as his garment, * who stretched out the sky like a tent,

    who filled his upper reservoirs with water, * who set his chariot on the clouds,

who travels on wings outstretched, * who makes the winds his messengers, * fire and flame his ministers.

    who placed the earth upon its foundations, * lest it should ever quake.

    You covered it with the ocean like a garment, * and upon the mountains stood the waters.

        At your roar they fled; * at the sound of your thunder they took flight.

    Some went up to the mountains above; * some went down to the chasm below, * to the place you appointed for them.

    You marked a border they should not cross, * lest they cover the earth again.

        He released springs and torrents * to flow between the mountains,

        to supply all beasts with water, * that wild donkeys might quench their thirst.

        Near them the birds of heaven dwell; * from their midst the ravens caw.

           He waters the mountains from his upper chambers; * with supplies from his storehouses * the earth is fully provided.

               He makes grass grow for the cattle, * and fodder for oxen plowing the land.

                   Yes, he brings forth grain from the earth, * and with wine gladdens the heart of man.

                       Yes, he makes full cheeks glisten, * and with food sustains the heart of man.

                   Well watered are Yahweh's trees, * the cedars of Lebanon, which he planted,

               where the birds build their nests; * the stork has the fir trees as its home.

                   The high mountains belong to the wild goats, * the sheltering crags to the badgers.

               The moon changes on time; * the sun knows its setting.

                   It grows dark and night comes on; * then all the beasts of the forest prowl.

                       The young lions roar for their prey, * seeking their food from God.

                   The sun rises, they steal away, * and in their dens stretch out.

               Man goes forth to his labor, * and to his tilling until evening.

           How manifold are your works, Yahweh! * With Wisdom at your side you made them all; * the earth is full of your creatures.

        The Master of the Sea, * tall and stretching wide,

        you made swimming things past counting, * living creatures, small and large,

        you made ships for travel, * and Leviathan—whom you shaped to play with:

    All of them look to you * to give them food in due season.

        When you give them, they gather; * when you open your hand, O Goodness, they fill up.

        Should you look away, they would expire; * take back your spirit, they die, * and return to their clay.

    Send forth your spirit, they are created anew, * and you renew the surface of the land.

May Yahweh's glory last forever; * may Yahweh find joy in his works!

    He gives the earth one look and it trembles, * the mountains one touch and they erupt!

    May I sing to Yahweh throughout my life, * chant to my God while I exist.

When my hymn enters his presence, * I shall rejoice in Yahweh.

                            Let sinners vanish from the earth, * and the wicked exist no more.

                                                      Bless Yahweh, my soul!


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