Psalm 76                                                                                                    Sunday Midday 2 & 4

God has shown himself in Judah; * his name is great in Israel.

    His den was in Salem, * and his lair in Zion.

    There with his thunderbolts he shattered the bow, * the shield and sword and weapons of war.

        O Brightness, you are majestic! * They tried to plunder the mountains of the Lion,

        but the warriors slept their last sleep, * and were found no more; * soldiers perished with their power.

        At your roar, God of Jacob, * both chariot and horse lay stunned.

           You alone strike terror, * and who can stand your fury, * your anger from of old?

        From heaven you will sound the sentence; * the earth will shudder and fall still.

        When you arise for the judgment, God, * to save all the meek of the earth,

        they will praise you for your rage with mankind; * the survivors of your rage will gather round you.

    Make and fulfil your vows * to Yahweh your God.

    Let all those around him * bring gifts to the One Who Sees.

He fathoms the mind of princes; * he is fearsome to the kings of the earth.


End of Sun Midday 2 & 4

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