Psalm 75                                                                                                    Wednesday Midday 3

We thank you, God; * we thank you, Near One! * your heavens proclaim your wonders.

    Yes, I will summon the assembly; * I will judge with fairness.

    When the earth quakes * with all its inhabitants * it is I who will steady its pillars.

        I say, “O boastful, do not boast; * O wicked, do not raise your horn!

           Raise not your horn against the Exalted, * nor speak against the Ancient Mountain!”

           For he is Victor from East and from West; * he is Victor from the desert to the mountains.

        For God is the ruler, * the one who brings down, * and the one who raises up.

    For in Yahweh's hand is a cup, * and the bowl is filled with wine; * he will dip in and pour from it.

    Oh, they will drain its dregs; * all the wicked of the earth will drink!

But I shall extol the Eternal; * I shall sing to the God of Jacob.

I shall break off all the horns of the wicked, * but the horns of the Just One will be exalted.


End of Wed Midday 3

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