Psalm 68                                                                                                    Tuesday Readings 3

When God arises, * his enemies scatter, * and his opponents flee before him.

Like drifting smoke they are driven, * like melting wax before the fire;

at the sight of God * the wicked disappear.

    But the just will rejoice; * they will exult at the sight of God; * they will jubilate with joyful song.

    Sing, gods; chant, his heavens; * pave the highway for the Rider of the Clouds!

    Delight in Yahweh, * and exult before him!

Father of orphans, * and defender of widows * is God from his holy habitation.

God, who established a home for the solitary, * led forth the prisoners to music.

But the stubborn * were entombed in the Wild.

    God, when you went out * before your people, * when you marched across the desert,

    the earth quaked * and the heavens dropped rain.

        at the sight of God, * the Master of Sinai,

        at the sight of God, * the God of Israel.

           Your generous rain, God, pour down; * your patrimony and dominion yourself restore!

           Provide for your family that dwells in it; * with your rain sustain its inhabitants, God.

               May the Lord send forth the word, * rejoicing the armies of stars.

                   May the kings of their armies bow down with rain, * and the the country's pasture land share the boon;

               let them empty * between the sheepfolds.

           The wings of the dove are plated with silver, * and its feathers with yellow gold.

           When Shaddai covered the king stars, * then snow fell on Zalmon.

        O soaring mountain, Mount Bashan, * O many-peaked mountain, Mount Bashan!

        why do you look with envy, * O many-peaked mountain,

        at the mountain God desired for his abode, * where Yahweh will dwell forever.

    God's chariots were twice ten thousand, * thousands the archers of the Lord, * who created Sinai as his sanctuary.

    You ascended the heights; * you took captives;

    You received gifts from their hands. * But Yahweh God entombed the stubborn.

    Blessed be the Lord day by day; * El himself, our Savior, unburdened us.

    El himself is for us the God of salvation, * since to the Lord Yahweh we owe our escape from death.

    Yes, God struck the heads of his enemies, * split their skulls, * as he marched forth from his heavens.

        The Lord said: “I stifled the Serpent, * muzzled the Deep Sea.”

        So your foot crushed their limbs; * your dogs’ tongues feasted on your foes.

           See the parade of God, * the parade of my God, * of my King from his sanctuary.

           The singers in front, * the musicians last; * in the middle, girls beating drums.

               Bless God in the assembly, * Yahweh in the convocation of Israel.

           Look, little Benjamin leads them: * the princes of Judah in double file,

           the princes of Zebulun, * the princes of Naphtali.

        Send, my God, your strength; * strengthen, God, what you have built for us.

        Your temple, Most High, is Jerusalem; * kings will bring gifts to you.

    Rebuke the beast of the Reed Swamp, * the herd of wild bulls with its calves,

    who trampled on peoples in its lust for silver, * who, delighting in battle, scattered peoples.

Let Egyptian merchants bring blue cloth, * Cush speed its wares to God.

Sing, kings of the earth; * gods, sing praises to the Lord!

    See the Rider of his heavens, * the heavens of old.

    Listen, he makes with his voice, * a mighty sound!

Give praise to God, * the Most High of Israel,

whose majesty and might * are too great for heaven. * Too awesome is God for his sanctuary!

Truly he is the God of Israel, * who gives victory and power. * O people, bless God!


End of Tues Readings 3

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