Psalm 17                                                                                                    Wednesday Midday 1

Yahweh, hear my plea for justice; * pay attention to my whining.

    Listen to my prayer, * and destroy those who lie against me.

    Let my justice shine before you; * may your eyes look at my righteousness.

        Examine my heart; * probe me at night; * test me with fire.

        You will find no idolatry in me; * I have not spoken * against your handiwork.

        To the words of your lips * I have kept firm.

        To the rough road my legs held fast; * my feet did not stray from your paths.

    I call upon you; * answer me, God.

    Listen to me, * and hear my words.

           Fall on those who insult you, Savior; * clamp the mouths of your opponents.

               Guard me as the pupil in your eye; * hide me in the shadow of your wings

           from the fury of the wicked who would rip me apart, * from my foes who surround me for the kill.

    They are choked with their fat; * they speak arrogance itself.

    My legs were shaking; * they surrounded me.

        They set their eyes on throwing me * into the Land of Perdition,

        like lions eager for prey, * like young lions lurking in ambush.

        Rise, Yahweh, confront their fury; * bring them low; * rescue me from the wicked who fight you.

        Use your hand to kill them, Yahweh; * destroy them from this world; * remove them from the living.

    But for your treasured people, * fill their bellies.

    Let their children have all they want, * and leave their wealth to their offspring.

At the judgment I will see your face. * At the resurrection I will be filled with your being.


End of Wed Midday 1

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