Psalm 16 Eve of Sunday II, Thursday Compline

Preserve me, El, * for I take refuge in you.

I said, O Yahweh, you are my Lord; * you are my Good; there is none above you.

As for the holy gods of Canaan, * the mighty ones I so loved,

may their labor pains increase; * and their lust drive them crazy.

My hands will not pour them libations, * nor my lips pronounce their names.

Yahweh, you have portioned my cup of smooth wine; * you have cast my lot.

The lines have fallen on rich land for me; * the Most High has marked out my estate.

I will praise Yahweh who counsels me, * whose heart cautions me during the night.

I chose Yahweh as my Leader forever; * from his right hand I will never be shaken.

So my heart is glad; my liver rejoices; * my body rests secure.

For you will not place me in Sheol, * nor let your worshiper see the Pit.

You will show me the path of eternal life, * filling me with joy before you, * with pleasure at your right hand forever.


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