Psalm 9-10                                                                                    9: Monday Readings 1.   10: Tuesday Readings 1

I will thank you, Yahweh, with all my heart; * I will declare your wonderful deeds.

I will rejoice and exult in you, * and sing hymns to your name, Most High,

    when my enemies turn back, * toppled and destroyed by your fury.

    Defend my right and my cause; * sit on your throne, righteous judge!

        Rebuke the nations, destroy the wicked; * blot out their name forever and ever.

        Let my enemies be finished, * a heap of ruins forever.

        Root out their guardian gods; * may their memory perish.

    For Yahweh, who has reigned from eternity, * has established his throne for judgment.

    It is he who governs the world with justice, * judges the peoples with fairness.

        Yahweh is a stronghold for the oppressed, * a stronghold in times of trouble.

        Let those who love your name trust in you, * for you do not desert those who cherish you, Yahweh.

           Sing to Yahweh, the King of Zion; * tell the peoples about his wonders.

           For caring for the mourning; he remembers their lament; * he does not forget the cry of the afflicted.

               Pity me, Yahweh; * see my afflictions

               From my Enemy raise me up, * from the gates of Death,

               that I may recount * all your praises

               from the gates of Daughter Zion, * rejoicing in your victory.

           Let the nations sink into the pit they made; * their feet get caught in the net they hid.

           May Yahweh be known by the judgment he passes; * by the work of their hands let the wicked be snared.

        Let the wicked return to Sheol; * perish the nations that are mindless of God.

        For the needy shall not be forgotten forever, * nor the hope of the afflicted perish eternally.

        Arise, Yahweh, lest men should boast; * let the nations be judged before you.

        Yahweh, put a muzzle on them; * let the nations know they are only men.

Psalm 10

           Yahweh, why stand far away? * Why hide in times of trouble?

           Inside the wicked man harm is simmering; * he pantingly pursues the plans he laid.

           For the wicked boasts of his desire, * and the despoiler worships his appetite.

               The wicked has contempt for Yahweh, * “since the Lofty One, though angry, will do nothing,

               God will not upset his plans, * and his wealth will last for all time.”

               Most High, your decrees are far from him; * from deep within he snorts at them.

               He says to himself, “I will never stumble, * forever happy without misfortune.”

           His mouth is full of cursing, deceit and violence; * under his tongue are mischief and wrong.

           He sits in ambush by villages; * in hidden places he murders the innocent; * his eyes spy on the unfortunate.

           He lurks in secret, like a lion in his lair; * he lurks to seize the weak; * he seizes the weak to drag him off.

        Into his net the oppressed man tumbles, * the unfortunate fall into his pit.

        He says to himself, “El forgets; * he turns away his face, he never looks.”

    Arise, Yahweh El, lift your hand! * Do not forget the afflicted!

    Must the wicked man scorn God forever? * saying to himself, “You will not demand an account.”

        See for yourself the misery, * look at the sorrow, * since your own hand allots it

        To you the poor orphan entrusts himself; * you be his helper!

    Break the arm of the wicked, * and pay back his malice! * Certainly you are aware of his wickedness.

    Yahweh is the eternal and everlasting king; * let foreign nations perish from his land!

Hear, Yahweh, the lament of the poor; * pay attention and listen!

If you defend the orphan and the oppressed, * no more shall the arrogant * terrorize people from the land.


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