Psalm 11                                                                                                    Monday Evening 1

I take refuge in Yahweh. * Why try to ambush my life * and pursue me like a bird?

    See how the wicked draw their bows * and aim their arrows

    to shoot from ambush * the upright of heart.

        While foundations are torn up, * what is the Just One doing?

           Yahweh's seat is in the temple; * Yahweh's throne is in heaven.

               His eyes are watching * and his pupils inspecting * all mankind.

           Yahweh the just * examines the wicked.

        Whoever loves violence * hates his own life.

    Let him rain on the wicked * roaring fire and sulphur.

    Let scorching wind * be their lot.

Yahweh the just * loves just deeds. * Face to face we shall view the Upright One.


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