Is 42:10-16 Monday Morning 4

Sing a new song to Yahweh; * praise him everywhere on earth.

Praise him, sailors, with all creatures in the sea! * Praise him, you who live in the cities by the sea.

Sing loudly, you towns of the desert, * and you, Kedar people, in your camps!

Cry aloud, you who live in Sela, * shout from your mountain tops!

Proclaim the glory of Yahweh; * praise him with the people of the coasts!

Yahweh advances like a hero, * like a warrior he stirs up his fury.

He shouts his battle cry, * and smashes his enemies.

I, Yahweh, have been quiet too long * and have kept silent, keeping myself in check.

But now I am like a woman in labor, * crying and gasping and panting.

I will lay waste the mountains and hills, * and dry up all the grass on them.

I will change rivers into dry land, * and dry up the swamps.

Then I will lead my blind people * on ways they never knew;

over unfamiliar paths * I will guide them.

I will turn darkness into light for them, * and make crooked ways straight.


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