Is 40:10-17                                                                                                                  Thursday Morning 3

Here comes the Lord our God in power * to rule all things by the strength of his arm.

Already he has won the prize, * and gained the reward.

    He is like a shepherd tending his flock, * gathering lambs in his arms,

    holding them against his breast, * and watching their mothers with care.

       Who ever measured the sea in his palms, * and the extent of the sky by the width of his hand?

       Who ever measured the earth with a sack, * weighed the mountains on a balance and the hills on a scale?

       W ho ever measured the Spirit of the Lord, * or stood by to give him information?

    Whom did he ever consult for advice, * to teach him the right thing to do,

    to give him knowledge, * and show him the way of understanding?

Even the nations are like drops in a bucket * or like dust sprinkled on a scale; * the coast cities weigh no more than powder.

Lebanon's forests are not enough for fuel, * nor its animals for burning in offering.

Before him the nations do not exist; * he counts them as empty and useless land.


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